Imagine how many times your company or brand was mentioned?

We give you REAL-TIME access to all the news in the world!

We provide a ready-to-use product. straight out of the box. With access to more than 50.000 newspapers, magazines and blogs worldwide, you'll get all the information you need.

Content monitoring

Monitor millions of news articles across the world in real-time. Get instant access to business news, discover opportunities, measure the impact of your brand, see what’s trending and so on.

Competitive Analysis

Monitor your competition and measure your performance against your competitors in real-time! Discover early opportunities and know your potential partners. Get alerts so you stay on top of the stories that matter.

Deep Dive

Analyze every aspect of the news. Telling you about other brands mentioned, the people, the reach, the sources, the share of voice so on.

Actionable insights

Monitor the variables that are important to you: attributes specific to your brand/sector/product, your share of voice, the journalists writing about you, ...


Get a quick and detailed view of the last 24 hours. When you log in, a dashboard presents you with the key elements of what happened in the last 24 hours :

  • Maps, showing you where the news originated
  • Graphs, giving you a quick glance of the key elements
  • Articles, giving you direct access to the content


The content view lets you see all the articles and filter them based on several criteria :

  • The most popular subtopics within the articles
  • The most popular publishers of the articles
  • The most popular countries these articles originate from


Analyse the news over a specific period and then zoom in to the smallest detail. What's available on all levels?

  • Volume of articles
  • Most used keywords in the articles
  • Countries and languages of the articles.
  • Top websites reporting on the subject
  • Countries and languages of the articles
  • Mentions of Brands, People and products

Deep Dive

You want to dig deep into the news ? We'll show you all the attributes like: keywords, sentiment, brands, people and so on. Filter the news on:

  • Date: per day, per week, per month, custom date ranges
  • Characteristics: the language used, the country of origin, the publishers, ...
  • Entities: brands, people, ...
  • Keywords used in conjunction with the topic


Stay informed when news comes in that's important to you. Receive alerts filtered on:

  • Origin country of the article
  • Language of the article
  • News source of the article
  • Keywords
  • Mentions of Brands
  • Mentions of People

Easy Reporting

There's no complex setup to be done. We do the configuration for you, just log in and start.

  • Pre-made reports
  • Easily save to png
  • Entities: brands, people, ...
  • Keywords used in conjunction with the topic


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